Cargo insurance

Any movement of goods is inextricably connected with the risk of material losses. In accordance with the applicable law RF transport companies bear some responsibility for not safety of cargo. To avoid the losses from many unforeseen situations on the route will allow freight insurance. Company “Mobile” has long worked with large insurance companies in Russia. ASK and Rosno.

Insurance Group ASK includes insurance companies, ASK-Petersburg and ASK-Med and works in Russian insurance market since 1990 (before 1997 — ASKO Petersburg and ASKO-Med)

The company has FSIS license  1709 ‘78 on 24 types of insurance, including compulsory motor TPL insurance (OSAGO).

Share capital of CJSC ASK-Petersburg is 30 million rubles.

All major risks for goods ASK reinsures in leading Western and Russian companies: Partner Re, Hannover Re and RPO.

In the area of survey services ASK more than 10 years works with the largest Russian survey company Lars Krogius. In September 2010 Insurance Group ASK became 20 years old.

Group of Companies Rosno is one of the largest insurance groups in Russia, more than 17 million people and more than 50 thousand enterprises and organizations have insurance policies and contracts of Rosno.

FSIS license  0290 77 for insurance activities of 130 licensed rules of insurance. License FSIS P  0290 77 on reinsurance. "ROSNOs shareholder is a leading international insurance concern Allianz SE (owns 99,4% of shares).

Share capital is 1,281,200,580 rubles.

Own funds are 8,033,018 rubles.

Insurance reserves are 20,560,446 thousand rubles. (on 30.09.2008).

The amount of insurance compensation is determined basing on expert conclusion of surveyors from international independent survey companies, such as Lars Krogius, CL RU and Seames. Their services are covered by insurance company.

One of the main principles of work of Mobile, is the principle of insurance of its risks, both the carrier and freight forwarder, as well as direct insurance of the goods transported by Mobile Ltd.

In liability insurance of carrier we use a specially designed new concept of insurance of motor risks by ROSNO for international carriers. This provides adequate and what is more important  legal protection of interests of insurants and insurers. The object of such a treaty is protection of property interests of transport operators on the basis of Rules of goods’ insurance. The new insurance product is agreed with regulatory authorities and has been successfully used by the Centre since Summer 2007. The concept of these policies is quite simple: only those risks of damage, destruction or loss of goods are included in the policy, which are interesting to the carrier. The price varies depending on the vehicle park, geography of transportation, cost of goods and does not exceed the cost of liability insurance, and insurance coverage if desired, may be expanded.

In addition, the transition to cargo insurance led to a simplification of procedure of settlement of losses: if previously insurance case was considered incurrence of liability of the carrier that the cargo owner had to prove, justify, and do it in the way and terms established by law, now the insurance case is the fact of damage (death) of cargo on the contractual reason. Practically, it means eliminating of necessity to follow the complaint procedure, highly regulated by transport legislation.

Thus, the General policy of cargo insurance for transport operators  is an insurance contract, which is aimed to protect the property interests of carrier in relationships with the customer, complies with legislation, is clear and understandable for the client, appropriate in cost, as well as fully gives the carrier equality with insurance company.

Liability insurance of freight forwarder.

Despite the fact that we deliver goods to the carrier, we bear shared responsibility for the goods before the client. However, there is no guarantee that the goods will be safe on their way to the place of destination, thats why our company always insures its forwarding responsibility. Again, if the forwarder has liability insurance policy it has always been a primary factor in selecting the freight  forwarding company by customer. Transport freight forwarder is a guarantor of cargo transportation on its way. Therefore, our company decided to insure the forwarding responsibility, because the main task of responsibility is to protect the property interests of both ours and our clients.

Cargo insurance.

Part of goods transported by our company has insurance policies of cargo. We welcome very much, when the customer wants to insure the goods directly before the shipment. Our experts undertake all the functions to represent the interests of our clients in the execution of insurance policies of goods: from filling of application to the insurance company, paying for the policy, to collecting all necessary documents in occurrence of loss. The client is a direct beneficiary and receives payment in cash in case of loss / damage of cargo directly from insurance company. Once again good to repeat that one of the main principles of work of Mobile Ltd., is the principle of insurance of its risks, both the carrier and freight forwarder, as well as direct insurance of goods transported by Mobile Ltd.

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