Multimodal transport

"Mobile-expedition" works with the largest and well-known transport companies of the world, and this is a guarantee of stability of our work and successful solutions of any task.

Maritime transport

-Implementation of transportations of goods from anywhere in the world on different terms - EXW, Door to Door, etc.

-Organization of cargo delivery to any desired terminal of St. Petersburg taking into account the nature of goods and preferences of the client.

- Facilities for loading/unloading and storage operations at the ports of transshipment.

- Offering the most convenient port for cargo handling taking into account its nature.

- Implementation of transportation of cargo by container and ferry lines.

- Freight forwarding of cargo at any terminal of St. Petersburg, delivery of cargo from port to warehouse in any point of Russia.

- Registration of documents required for customs clearance and export of cargo.

- Possibility for goods repacking in our warehouse, and sending it by car or railway.

- Constant monitoring of cargo condition.

Road transport

- International transportation of the highest complexity.

- Consolidation warehouse in the middle of Germany.

- Transportation of goods of any size from 1 box to multi-ton equipment.

- Arrangement of transportation of oversized and heavy cargo, project cargo.

- Existence of track fleet in our company allows reduce the cost of transportation.

- Provision of high safety of goods, insurance of your cargo.

- Transportation of dangerous goods.


- Provision of rail fare.

- Making sketches and drawings, strapping of cargo on railway.

- Submission of gondola, container, covered wagon (boxcar), refrigerator sections for loading.

- Booking of orders in supervising services, renting cars.

- Registration of railway bills.

- Delivery of representative of station for acceptance of wagons and containers.

- Solving of formalities for uninterrupted supply and sending wagons.

- Provision of information about dislocation of wagons / containers.

Air transport

- Air-cargo by regular flights on Domestic Air Lines.

- Implementation of air transportations by charter aircraft.

- Air transportation of cargo demanding special transportation conditions.

- Execution of full package of documentation for shipper and consignee.

- Making the necessary documentation for transportation of dangerous goods.

- Processing and dispatching of transfer cargo.

- Booking of free baggage and cargo tanks on the aircraft.

- Providing full information support for the shipper.

Multimodal transport is a form of transportation, which includes the use of different modes of transport: sea, air, rail, road. Customs clearance and storage of goods in warehouses are also included in this chain.

In today's high-tech world all companies-suppliers try to save their costs in the delivery of goods from abroad. Suppliers feel inconvenient to communicate with different organizations for the implementation of supply. Therefore, our company has created a multimodal department. We can not only unite the entire logistics chain together, but we will offer you the most optimal (economic) variant of delivery.

For example, you want to deliver cargo from China. You perfectly realize that there should be applied:

  1. Agent in China, who will give a container to your plant,
  2. Sea line, which organizes sea freight,
  3. You must correctly select the arrival terminal at the seaport in Russia,
  4. Find a customs broker, who will perform the procedure of customs clearance,
  5. Organize all the forwarding procedures at the port,
  6. To remove cargo from the port to Your warehouse or warehouse of Broker.

We combine the whole process, you will not have to apply to several different organizations. It is very convenient for the client because in organization of such transportations may arise many discrepancies between different parts of the chain. We in return fully accept responsibility for the solution of your multi-modal task. You will not have to worry that one organization did not report the exact date of the arrival of container, that freight forwarders did not hand in time the documents to customs broker for customs clearance, that the broker failed to warn the carrier about the end time of customs clearance and the carrier did not prepare track for cargo export.

All you need to do is to inform our specialists about the time of readiness of cargo at the factory and give contacts. The rest procedures we will do ourselves. We will only inform you of the dates of comings, customs clearance and arrival to your store. Our experts set up a special monitoring program. Each department monitors its movement of goods and transmits information to the next department for accurate performing operations. Also, every client has its own manager who is always aware of what is happening with the load (cargo) at the moment.

Let's describe the most common delivery schemes from different regions of the earth.

Delivery from South-East Asia

The most common scheme of delivery is supply of sea containers to the sender on conditions of FOB or CIF. Our agents throughout South-East Asia will completely take the question of agreement with your plant about the time of shipment, about the necessary equipment and about the preparation of export documents. Next we consider several variants of delivery:

Through Eastern Port. Registration can take place directly in the Far East, or VTT is made. Cargo by rail is sent to the destination and customs clearance is done there. The railroad itself is a customs carrier.

Through Finland. Cargo in containers arrives at ports of Finland: Helsinki, Hamina, Kotka. Next transit documents are issued for the export of goods to Russia. Many of our customers use our warehouse to re-adjust their goods and make complex shippings. This way is most suitable when the client does not want to invest money directly into the customs fees, but it is convenient to keep the cargo close to the Russian Federation. As delivery from Finland to St. Petersburg or Moscow, including customs clearance takes 3-5 days.

Thus the client does not invest working capital in customs duties, but keeps the cargo close to the border. When a new order for the cargo delivery and customs clearance appears they are made very quickly. We provide you with any rolling stock for transportation of cargo from Finland: trailers, platforms, refrigerators. We have our own rolling stock, what is very favorably distinguishes us from all kinds of freight forwarders. We also rent warehouse in Helsinki. We also will arrange for you all transit documents.

Through the port of St. Petersburg. This type of transportation should be given special attention. Few customers when sending goods from South-East Asia to the port of Saint-Petersburg originally think where it will appear. And yet the differences are very serious. Various shipping lines come to different port terminals in Saint-Petersburg: FCT, PLP, Severnaya Verf, Kronstadt. All these terminals have completely different working conditions.

For comfort of our customers, we present comparative analysis of rates for storage and working conditions of these terminals. (Rates of terminals (from 15.09.2011))

After analysing advantages of work at the terminal Severnaya Verf become clear.

We set up our work perfectly and we can take cargo at any port terminal in Saint-Petersburg. We have contractual relationships with all of them.

After passing through the customs clearance cargo will be sent for export to the customer's warehouse.

If the client does not want to make customs clearance at Baltic Customs, we will issue VTT and deliver cargo by the customs carrier to the customs office of destination. (List of customs transporters)

Delivery of goods from Europe.

Sea delivery In organizing the delivery of goods from Europe, we choose the best route depending on the customer's wishes in time period and price range.

For countries close to the sea borders the best is to send cargo through the ports of France, Germany and Holland. We will swiftly give a container under the stuffing in your plant, issue all export declarations, deliver the container to the port of departure and put it on the ship. The major European ports are Dunkirk, Le Havre, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Copenhagen, Gdynia, Gdansk, Genoa, Rimini, Barcelona, etc.

Schedules of traffic of vessels are known in advance, so we can always correctly calculate time of arrival in St. Petersburg. Transit time of delivery from European cities to the port of St. Petersburg ranges from 10 to 21 days depending on the remoteness of the European city from the port and schedule of vessels traffic. A great advantage in these transportations is that you can coordinate the weight of cargo up to 24 tons, what is impossible for road transport.

Car delivery This kind of delivery is the fastest from countries of Europe. We have trailers from 20 to 120 m3. We will serve a trailer at your plant for loading in the day you choose. Next on our expedition, we can arrange all the necessary documents - export declarations, CMR, etc. Your plant will not assume any function except loading. We pay special attention to the timely closure of export declaration and its sending back to Europe. Because all European companies get back their VAT. Depending on place of arrival in Russia, we choose the best custom transition: in Ukraine, Belarus or the Baltic countries. The average delivery from European countries to St. Petersburg or Moscow takes 5 to 8 days.

Mixed Delivery Basically this type of delivery is used from European countries, which are far away from Russia and delivery period is long. For example, these are Italy and Spain. In this case we use the following scheme. Sea container of cubic capacity necessary to the client is served to the plant. Cargo is loaded. Then, the container is loaded into a railway platform and sent to the port of Europe, from which we can make the most advantageous shipment. The paperwork can be done on the spot or at the port of shipment. This scheme greatly saves time, because shipment by rail to major ports of Europe takes just 2 days. Next it is important to book place on the ship promptly and then the period of such shipment will be no more than 12-14 days. 

The algorithm of work of multimodal transport manager