The algorithm of work of multimodal transport manager

  1. After receiving an order from a client to place a booking in the line, to tell the details to the client.
  2. Container tracking - to trace the date of departure from the port of loading, the date of arrival in Europe, the date of arrival at the port of St. Petersburg. To inform the client about all the updates.
  3. To check the clearance of the bill of lading, to clarify the availability of originals or telex release.
  4. For 7-10 days before the arrival of container to St. Petersburg to inquire freight account in the line.
  5. To make disposal on freight in order (1C).
  6. To issue invoice for the freight to the client.
  7. To trace the inpayment for the freight to our bank account.
  8. On receiving feed bill of lading from the line, send it for verification to customs broker of the client to clarify and correct transfer of cargo.
  9. After the arrival of container to St. Petersburg, to clarify in the lines the date of disclosure of documents, to tell this information to the employee responsible for the shipment, to check the presence of letter of authorization from the consignee for the freight forwarder.
  10. To receive invoices from the lines for local taxes - to make disposal in the order, payment order, application for financing.
  11. To make invoice to the client for local taxes.
  12. If you want to calculate the cost of storage at the terminal and demurrage, you should make a request for prepay in the line.
  13. On receiving information about customs clearance of container, to inquire release in the ocean / feed line, at the terminal.
  14. To clarify the address of delivery, time and contacts with the client; to tell the details of export to the employee responsible for forwarding.
  15. To order a track at the carrier.
  16. To make a request for export (PLP, FCT, Rusmarine) .
  17. To request a place of delivery of empty container, to inform the carrier.
  18. After removing the container, to request all the accounts at the lines and the carrier (storage, demurrage, inspection, export etc.) - to make disposal of all accounts in order.
  19. After closing the order to form a package of documents for the client, to send him accounts for payment via e-mail, and originals by courier or driver to transmit to the client.