Transportation of oversized cargo

Before talking about the transportation of oversized cargo, it's necessary to clarify what it is. Oversized cargo is the cargo that does not meet the standards for cubature and sizes. Cargo is considered to be oversized if it exceeds at least one of the following options:

· 2.5 m in width,

20 m at length,

4 m in height,

26 tons by weight

It's an odd-shaped cargo, minimally resembling ball, rectangle or square. It's a cargo extended in length, in width or upward. Oversized can be oversized interior objects, everyday objects, museum pieces. More often the oversized cargo has to be delivered gently without damaging it. In fact, it is a difficult and painstaking work. To these goods can be attributed, for example, yachts, monuments and different kinds of transport (for example, agricultural), that is exactly the kind of oversize, which cannot be delivered by common transport.

Oversized cargo is often also a heavyweight. So you need to create conditions for its correct lifting and placing in transport. Special constructions which give a lot of support points and do not allow shift the cargo are created for some valuable oversized cargo. Some parts of oversized cargo are especially fragile, that's why the construction should suppose different stack-up of weight on different support points, to deliver the cargo safe and sound. All this is usually carried on by companies that will provide you with a full range of services. Their services include: delivery of cargo, your own choice of transport in a transport company or they advise you the best one, creation of construction, anti-shock body, lifting and placing of goods in transport, its unloading and correct delivery. The company, which is engaged in such transportations, must have special equipment, experience and above all to offer you practically any transport.

Oversized transportations are among the most complex and labour-intensive. Each time, solving this kind of problem, we bear a great responsibility for the safety and integrity of cargo before the cargo owner. During transportation, we take into account all major and significant factors. In fact, delivery of in-gauge load and oversized goods by truck to place of destination, are two different tasks and transportation of heavy-weight cargo is a tough job. Therefore, when preparing, we focus on creating the most optimal solution for transportation of your cargo that allows you to optimize costs and hereafter qualitatively and professionally implement the assigned task in the shortest possible time. Our cooperation with the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation also helps in obtain permits for oversized transportations by a better route as soon as possible.

Transportation by road transport is the most universal, if it is possible. The best route is chosen for transportation of cargo. Roads of high quality and more adapted for carriage of goods without holes and sharp turns are chosen. Everything is done to ensure that your cargo arrived safe and sound. It's a rather quick kind of transportation and it is often used.